Abortion Myth #1
Freedom of Choice: It is unfair to restrict a woman’s choice by prohibiting abortion.

Abortion Facts
A civilized society has laws because we understand that an individual’s freedom of choice must be limited whenever that choice would harm an innocent person. The choice of abortion ends the life of an unborn child.

The decision to abort often carries additional serious consequences to the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health of the woman. Furthermore, the one-time choice of abortion robs someone else of a lifetime of choices. In the name of abortion rights, another human being will never have the opportunity to exercise his or her ability to choose.

A woman’s control of her own body does not include taking the life of her unborn child who, while developing inside her body, is a separate human being. Williams Obstetrics, 16th Ed. 1980, a standard obstetrics textbook in medical schools throughout North America, states, “Happily we have entered an era in which the fetus can be rightfully considered and treated as our second patient…Who would have dreamed even a few years ago that we could serve the fetus as physician.”